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What is our Athletic Program?

Team Independent holds both martial arts AND fitness classes! Athletic Program is part one of three in our fitness classes. This program is our version of a “Boot Camp” meaning this wear calories are burned! Our Athletic Program is so popular we split the class in to two parts for maximum results! Students in this class will engage in the following heart pumping exercises:

Students will work out utilizing various body weight exercises like box jumping, squats, pull ups, etc.

Instructors will also incorporate equipment such as row machine, medicine balls, resistance bands, kettle bells, and more!

Independent MMA & Fitness of McDonough Athletic Program

Class Features

  • CategoryFitness
  • Duration1 Hour
  • Students25+
  • TimeMorning/ Evening

How does the Athletic Program benefit me?

Our Athletic Program lets you become your best! We have coaches that care about your progress and stay on top of you no matter what. Each new student of our program is a new member of our family. We treat each other respect, dignity, and always got each others back! Together we heat motivate, inspire, and achieve along our daily Journey to become better than we were the day before. Team Independent has changed many lives and continues to help people of all backgrounds take the next step to a healthier lifestyle. Learn more about how you can join us in our revolutionary movement of health and fitness! 

Independent MMA & Fitness of McDonough Athletic Program Progress Pictures

Achieve Major Fitness Goals

Increase Strength, Flexibility, & Mobility

Dynamic Workouts That Build Muscle & Burn Calories

Build Camaraderie With Like Minded Individuals

Permanently Revolutionize Your Lifestyle

What do I do in Athletics Program?

Independent MMA & Fitness of McDonough Athletic Program Equipment


Limber up with the class! Instructors run the group through a series warm-ups to get the blood flowing, pop all the pops, and get your heart rate bumping! 

Independent MMA & Fitness of McDonough Athletic Program Activities


The instructor has the whole day planned out! Starting from warm-ups to cooling down, they have it all covered. Each session is timed and designed to make you drop! If you feel like you can’t keep going, then you’re doing it right! 

Independent MMA & Fitness of McDonough Athletic Program


Stay consistent with your meal plan, classes, and check up on your teammates. This is the hardest part of the entire program! Don’t slow down and keep moving forward. Results are soon to come! 

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Lose Weight, Gain Muscle, Increase Cardio

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Dynamic Workouts, Explosive Movements, HIIT Cardio

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Build With A Team Of Likeminded Individuals

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Free Amenities For ALL Students - Shower, Lockers, Sauna

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Family Friendly Gym With Multiple Person Discount

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Our Athletic Program Class Schedule


8:30AM, 5PM, 6PM


8:30AM, 5PM, 6PM


8:30AM, 5PM, 6PM


8:30AM, 5PM, 6PM






Closed – Optional Open Mat

This schedule is in regard to Athletic Program classes ONLY!

Independent MMA & Fitness of McDonough Athletic Program Students

Still Not Convinced?

Accomplish Your Goals

Train with professional trainers as they take you on a weight loss Journey you’ve never experienced! Stick with the plan Team Independent sets up, stay motivated by actively engaging our community, then just wait and watch the results. See what others in our community are saying! 

I started at this gym with the six week challenge which was a great way to kick off MY change of lifestyle, I thought it was going to be bad because I intentionally went for something else, I NEVER intended to be there that long , I will say YOU HAVE to put in the work if you want results and take it serious (I started just doing 3 days and after week 2 I went 5 days a week) ! Classes are beginner friendly which I loved because I was out of shape but in the end I lost weight and body fat SUCCESSFULLY which I am proud of !! Thanks to Chris and all the coaches whose class I attended!

Jessyka Jamison


This place is amazing! I started here a year ago wanting to just hit a bag for stress relief and instead was surprised with a group of trainers who genuinely cares about the health of people who come through the door. These guys are amazing trainers from anything fitness/weight loss and meal prep advise up to advanced MMA. Could legit live here but my husband would miss me 🤣

Rachel Tarver

Fitness Member

Very professional. The coaches are super welcoming and the classes are a fun and engaging way to get into shape.

Phoenix Allmon

Fitness Student

235 McDonough Pkwy,

McDonough, GA 30253

(678) 432-9005

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Jeremy Poole

Jeremy Poole

Athletic Program Coach

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I came to Independent 3 years ago needing to make a change. I was 167 lbs and not happy. I started off in the cardio classes and lost 20 plus lbs. in my first couple months. Then another 20 lbs after doing Brazilian Jiu Jitsu. Not only did I lose the weight, but I also found confidence, and friendships that have truly become family. This gym is unlike any other!

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Crystal Arrington

Fitness Student

Did the 22lb weight loss challenge, completed successfully 22lbs in 6 weeks with the help of a lot of great people. They have a variety of classes, the staff is amazing, friendly and encouraging to no end. I would definitely recommend trying them out if you’re looking to get fit or train.

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Taylor Aldred

Fitness Student

Great place to build confidence and meet amazing people!!

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Andre Height

Fitness Student

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