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What is Boxing?

Boxing is a combat sport that involves two participants who engage in a contest of strength, skill, and strategy inside a roped-off square area known as a boxing ring. The primary objective in boxing is to use punches and defensive maneuvers to defeat your opponent.

Boxing has a rich history and is known for producing legendary fighters like Muhammad Ali, Mike Tyson, and Sugar Ray Leonard. It requires a combination of physical fitness, mental toughness, and technical skill, making it a highly respected and popular combat sport around the world.

At Independent MMA & Fitness of McDonough we emobdy every aspect of Boxing in to each of our classes. Our main goal is to provide every student with the opportunity to conquer themselves through Boxing. We want to help you shatter personal goals and reach new heights never thought possible. 

Independent MMA & Fitness of McDonough adult bjj

Class Features

  • CategoryMartial Arts
  • Duration1.5 Hours
  • Students25+
  • TimeAfternoon/ Evening

How does Boxing benefit me?

Follow in the footsteps of the greatest to ever step foot in a boxing ring, or get in the best shape of your life while learning one of the most popular martial arts in the world! Boxing is great for self-defense, cardio exercise, and even muscle growth! Whether you want to become the next champ, or just looking to hit a heavy bag, our boxing class is perfect for you. 

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Achieve Fitness Goals Through Boxing

Increase Strength, Flexibility, & Mobility

Learn Self-Defense & Competition Techniques

Build Camaraderie With Like Minded Individuals

Permanently Change Your Lifestyle

What do I do in Boxing class?

Independent MMA & Fitness of McDonough warm ups bjj


Each class starts with 15-20 minutes of warm-ups. Jumping rope is a classic way to warm up your body for Boxing that goes back decades.

Independent MMA & Fitness of McDonough technique bjj


The instructor will gather everyone in a circle and demonstrates the “technique of the day”. Students are then paired up and will drill the technique for 5-10 minutes. This process is repeated as the instructor goes more and more in depth to the technique and adds moves or addresses small details. This is the bulk of class and usually lasts 45 minutes.

Independent MMA & Fitness of McDonough rolling bjj


As the coach moves deeper in to the class, multiple techniques will be demonstrated for the class. For about 10 minutes after each technique, students will drill back and forth with a partner. The coach will walk around and help individuals with questions. 

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Our Boxing Class Schedule


Boxing – 7:00PM


No Boxing Class


Boxing – 7:00PM


No Boxing Class


No Boxing Class


Boxing – 11:00AM


Closed – Optional Open Mat

This schedule is in regard to Boxing classes ONLY!

Independent MMA & Fitness of McDonough rolling bjj

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Train with experienced pros, hobbiests, or young amateurs! Training with Team Independent is like having a second home. See what others in our community are saying! 

Independent gym is my favorite place to be, it’s my safe place. It’s legit and all the trainers are professional. I started off with kickboxing/boxing and man has it changed my mental health. I recommend Coach Bolo and Coach Baba! Both are great trainers. The Athletics program is also incredibly professional and intense, I love that class. I recommend Coach Jeremy but I hear all the trainers are great! Most of the staff I’ve met is friendly and helpful, so the customer service is good in my book.

Tania Zavala


This is a great facility with great staff. I entered the 6 weeks challenge and met my goal! The class are challenging, but great. The staff are patient, hands-on, and very motivating. You get Classes are engaged and NEVER boring. the times are adequate as will. The facility, esp. the showers & bathrooms are always clean. I only have positive things about this place. If you stick to the plan they set, you will reach your goals.

Claytonia Jones


Good luck EVER seeing this gym with less than 5 stars. The staff cares about you as much as your teammates. Wether you’ve been training 30 years or 30 mins, you’re Team Independent when you walk through the door. (Which is the far left door btw. The other two are no-go’s.)

Ty G


235 McDonough Pkwy,

McDonough, GA 30253

(678) 432-9005

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Man these people are amazing,facility is amazing,from the front desk to the back, everything is top notch

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Leo Thomas


I’ve been going to this gym for over 5 years. All the coaches including the two owners: Chris and Chad are great! They are professional, knowledgeable and friendly. I love the variety of classes offered and how they genuinely want you to succeed in your goals from weight loss, self defense to self confidence.

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Great place. Great energy. Very friendly. Knowledgeable trainers for all available programs. Beginner friendly environment where you can also take your knowledge and skills to the next level with the wealth of knowledge and experience in the building. Weather your a fighter, aspiring fighter or looking for a new hobby or fun way to stay in shape. Independent MMA is your place. Family environment. My son and I have been training here since 2011 and we love it.

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