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What is Kids Boxing?

Kids Boxing at our gym is an opportunity for growth and development. We focus on technique as way to teach discipline, respect, and so much more to our students. We want our child students to succeed in ways not so traditionally found in other sports. Emphasizing mental strength and will power to accomplish our goals. 

Here your kids will learn proper technique, intense exercise, and personal growth!

Independent MMA & Fitness Kids Class BJJ

Class Features

  • CategoryMartial Arts
  • Duration1 Hour
  • Ages9+
  • TimeEvening/ Weekend

How does Kids Boxing benefit my child?

Boxing will be one of the hardest sports your child participates in. Defeating mentally and phsyically challenging problems, accomplishing hard earned goals, expanding what’s possible. We want every man, woman, and child to step in to our gym and feel the empowerment of what we offer. Coach Manny works tirelessly to give each student the attention they deserve every class. Grow your child and give them a gift everyone needs: self-confidence.

Independent MMA & Fitness of McDonough Kids BJJ Class

Achieve Fitness Goals Through Boxing

Increase Activity

Learn Self-Defense & Competition Techniques

Build Friendships To Last A Lifetime

Positive Lifestyle Changes

What happens in Kids Boxing class?

Independent MMA & Fitness of McDonough Kids BJJ WarmUps


Each class starts with 15-20 minutes of warm-ups. Starting jump rope students transition in to calisthenic exercises. We also include technique and shadow boxing.

Independent MMA & Fitness of McDonough Kids BJJ Technique


The instructor will gather everyone in a circle and demonstrates the “technique of the day”. Students are then paired up and will drill the technique for 5-10 minutes. This process is repeated as the instructor goes more and more in depth to the technique and adds moves or addresses small details. This is the bulk of class and usually lasts 45 minutes.

Independent MMA & Fitness of McDonough Kids BJJ Rolling


Work with your training partner to perfect the technique of the day! Be patient and kind to one another as not everyone is always on the same skill level!

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Our Kids Boxing Class Schedule


Kids Boxing – 6:00PM


No Kids Boxing Class


Kids Boxing – 6:00PM


No Kids Boxing Class


No Kids Boxing Class


Kids Boxing – 10:00AM


Closed – Optional Open Mat

This schedule is in regard to Kids Boxing classes ONLY!

Independent MMA & Fitness of McDonough Kids BJJ

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Give your kids the gift of self-defense and self-confidence! Training with Team Independent is like having a second home. See what others in our community are saying! 

My son has been boxing in this gym for 8 years and I couldn’t be more pleased with his skill set thanks to the awesome coaching staff in this facility. The family environment is like no other gym that I have stepped in . I love this place and I attend classes here myself and I’m hard to please being a former fighter myself . NEVER GOING ANYWHERE ELSE. ✌️

Warren Massey


Great place for beginners or advanced athletes. No ego and no attitudes walking around. Great gym for men women and kids.

Brian Brakefield


Nice and clean!

Marcheryl Evans


235 McDonough Pkwy,

McDonough, GA 30253

(678) 432-9005

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Manny Camacho

Manny Camacho

Kids Boxing Coach

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Awesome place to train. Very nice family atmosphere. Instructors are friendly and dedicated. We are ONE FAMILY..!! OSS..

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BJ McWhorter


Signed our 9 yr old daughter up here. She absolutely loves it and her instructor. It has tremendously boosted her self confidence and is giving her a chance to make friends. The whole environment here is amazing, fun and very friendly staff. We love it.

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Ally Robinson


What a great gym to be apart of. The staff is amazing and makes you feel like everyone is part of one big family. I wouldn’t consider training anywhere else.

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Jody Parks

Parent/ Student

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